Our Mission is to provide quality training and to be

a unified voice for the Affordable Housing Industry.

Board of Directors

    • President
      Bobby Griffith - JL Gray
    • Treasurer
      Jack MacGillivray - Monarch Properties
    • Secretary
      Jeff Carnell - Medlock Southwest Management Corporation
    • Management Chair
      Scot Fishburn - JL Gray
    • Developmant Co-chairs
      Jeff Curry - JL Gray
      Michelle Den Bleyker
    • Directors
      Chris Stanley - Monarch Properties
      Kaye Medlock  - Medlock Southwest Management Corporation
      Rose Silva-Smith - YES Housing
      Mercy Castillo
    • Communications Director
      Lori Varnell
       - JL Gray
    • Conference Coordinator
      Deana Kirby
       - JL Gray
    • AANM Liaison
      Kelle Senye
    • USDA Liaison
      Cindy Jackson
    • HUD Liaison
      Gloria Garcia
    • MFA Liaison
      Debbie Davis
    • Vendor Repsentatives
      Charlie Waits - GHEIS
      Jeff Thomas - HD Supply
      Danny Lilly - Dunn-Edwards
      Matt Naughton - ICAST

Southwest Affordable Housing Group

Talent Needed

At this year’s conference, we will be putting together some skits to perform for each category of attendees. We will have a Fair Housing Skit, Site Manager Skits, Maintenance Skits, and an overall Friday morning Skit. We would love for you to join in the fun and laughter. So grab your inner Movie Star and let’s hear from you!! Also, needed are writers, props and ideas. 

Click Here!!

For more information contact:

Jeff Carnell
Medlock Southwest Management Corporation
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
(806) 763-5321

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